iPhones 2K10: What We’d Like To (And May Very Well) See

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There's a better-than-average chance that we'll see a new-model iPhone this year.  So what would YOU like to see in the "i4G?"  Here's our wish list:

  1. A better camera, or at least a boost in resolution.  Plenty of creative types have been using the iPhone's camera already to take seriously creative pictures (two that come to mind immediately are both Nine Inch Nails collaborators: filmmaker Mark Romanek and rt director Rob Sheridan), so it's time to give them a better tool to work with.  If the rumors are correct, this upgrade's pretty much a gimme.
  2. On the topic of photography: the iPod Nano recently got a still/video camera upgrade, but what of its big brother the Touch?  As we reported, the iTouch 3G has the vestigial evidence of a camera sensor that never made it to production.  With iTouch app downloads this past Christmas Day blowing the doors off the App Store, it makes utter sense to enhance the hardware here as well.
  3. True background-apps functionality.  Sorry, House of Jobs, push notification was an Epic Fail last year.  Make it so in '10.
  4. Summary screens.  IntelliScreen's been getting the job done on pwned phones, and we KNOW one of your infamous secret patent filings addresses this issue.
  5. More buttons.  The single-home-button paradigm is truly yesterday's news, and based on how much the iPhone is capable of doing, it's just plain annoying to have to click the same damn button.
  6. Memory, memory, memory.  64 GB isn't out of the question — memory costs fall on almost a daily basis, and the non-touch iPod Classic already boasts a whopping 130 GB.  Besides, wouldn't you love to offer your customers a chance to store twice as many songs and/or apps for a premium price?  G'wan.  You know they want it… (iPod Touch with 128GB is a given)
  7. Also: how about a new form factor?  It was kinda lame for the 3GS to look the same as the 3G model.
  8. And let's face it: many of the stock apps (weather, YouTube, etc.) pale next to third-party alternatives you can find in the App Store.  Are they really so sacred/essential that you shouldn't have the option to roach 'em from your phone in exchange for something better?
That's just a start.  Be sure to check out our previous articles 15 Things That Would Greatly Improve The iPhone and 16 More Things That Would Greatly Improve iPhone 3.0.

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