Kindle, Beware: Book Publisher, Apple In Talks For iTablet Content

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Now is the winter of our digital content…

In a story guaranteed to give and their Kindle e-book reader agita, publisher HarperCollins is reportedly in negotiations with Apple to provide electronic books for the they-might-as-well-admit-it's-coming Apple Tablet.  There are no firm details, but it is believed that HC would set the price of the content and kick back a percentage of each sale to the House of Jobs.  Also unknown at this time: whether Apple would create a new e-book store, or add HC's books to iTunes.

HarperCollins is looking at releasing "enhanced" e-books that would also contain video, author interviews, and/or social networking apps — and would also retail for 50 to 100% more than a "basic" e-book (US$9.99).  As it is, current e-book offerings are considerably less than their hardcover brethren, to the point where many publishers (including HC) intentionally delay an e-book's release so as not to cannibalize hardcover sales. 

The question now is: will the iTablet's color screen and enhanced e-book functionality — not to mention its rumored US$1,000 price tag — convince people to skip the cheaper, monochrome Kindle?

[Via the Wall Street Journal Online]

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