Lost In Translation? Euro Phone Exec May Or May Not Have Confirmed iTablet


Earlier today, the Intertubes were all lit up over comments from a European cell phone executive which seemed to confirm that an Apple Tablet was pending.

In the above video, St√©phane Richard, number two guy at Orange (France Telecom's mobile phone/ISP subsidiary) is being interviewed on a Europe 1 radio program.  Reportedly, when asked if an Apple Tablet would be introduced by the end of the month, he replied "Yes;" asked if Orange users would get it, his response was "Sure!"

Engadget reader Sean Mangar was kind enough to transcribe and translate Richard's comments:

Journalist: Selon l'hebdomadaire Le Point, votre partenaire apple va lancer une tablette. (According to the weekly Le point, your partner Apple will launch a tablet.)
Exec: Oui. (Yes.)
Journalist: Dot√© d'une webcam… (Equipped with a webcam…)
Exec: Oui. (Yes)
Journalist: Est-ce-que les usagers d'Orange en bénéficieront aussi? (Will the subscribers of Orange benefit from it too?)
Exec: Bien sur. Ils en bénéficieront, d'autant plus facilement qu'avec la webcam, on pourra se transmettre de l'image en temps réel. On va moderniser en quelque sorte ce visiophone qu'on a connu y a quelques années, et là aussi, la taille du réseau que nous avons mis en place au service des français permettre ces nouveuax usages de se déveloper partout. (Of course. They will benefit, even more easily because with the webcam, we will be able to transmit video in real time. We will modernize in some way this videophone that we have known for some years, and also, the scale of the network that we have put in place in service of the French will allow these new uses to develop everywhere.)
Orange promptly went on the offensive, claiming that Richard's comments were taken out of context and he was "merely confirming that he is aware of the speculation surrounding a launch." Mangar believes that Richard's not talking about an existing iDevice, since their cameras are on the wrong side for practical video phoning/conferencing.
[Via Engadget]

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