On The Case: iPhone 4G Rumor Mill Tosses Up New Design And…Touch Sensitivity All Over?

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Gizmodo uncovered this concept of what the iPhone 4G might look like (courtesy of "mysterious designer" hdi [sic]), giving props to its iMac-like glass & aluminium form factor.

Even more intriguing is a Bloomberg story that quotes Goldman Sachs Group Inc. analyst Robert Chen; in addition to reiterating the 5-megapixel camera rumor, Chen claims the 4G's case will be plastic, not metal, and similar to the touch-panel Magic Mouse.  The inference here, of course, is that the 4G could be touch-controlled not just on the screen, but all over.  One theory: when you hold an iPhone in your right hand — with the index finger on the upper back of the case — a "touch-case" might allow quicker, more ergonomic one-handed scrolling, tapping, or even game play.

Why not to say that is the same is expected for Apple tablet

We shall see…

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