Scoring the Apple Tablet (iPad) Rumor Mill

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So the iPad is finally here.  Was it everything — much less anything — you expected?

For probably the last year, the rumor mill has been going berserk on the topic: What it looks like.  What it’s gonna cost.  What it’ll run.  What features it’ll have.  How to hold it.  How to enter data into it.  Artists’ mock-ups, manufacturers’ hints, software developers’ whispers.  And of course, we’ve dutifully reported all of it, and taken next to none of it as The Gospel According  To Uncle Steve.

Let’s face it: when the first murmurs about this thing called an “iPhone” emerged, the speculation about it ran wild.  And most of it COMPLETELY missed the mark.

We’ve tabulated the top four or five Tablet rumors in all the major categories (price, screen size, release date, OS, etc.), and compared them to what the actual unit revealed today features.  Including, of course, whether or not said “actual unit” IS a tablet of some kind.

You had a chance to test yourself against iPad rumors earlier, so let’s see how did the rumor mill do.

Conclusion: The rumors were, for the most part, right on the money — making this the worst-kept secret in history. There were only a few surprises, like no camera functionality and low price. Also, no one really speculated about the pricing options for 3g access.

Keep in mind that the rumor mill got the following items wrong: iPhone OS 4.0 updates, end of exclusivity with AT&T. But they are not related to iPad and therefore we have not included them in the test.

This image described by iPad, iPhone, Apple, tablet, media event, Scoring-the-Apple-Tablet-iPad-Rumor-Mill 

Get our handy excel file with all the calculations.

Answers have been predetermined before the event, where based on the buzz and rumors A was the most likely answer and E was the least likely answer.

For example: there were rumors about tablet’s camera functionality. The hunch that the tablet would have a camera was pretty strong, therefore it was listed as option A. However, it turned out that the rolled-out device has not camera and the correct answer is D.  In this case rumor mill failed.

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