Sign O’ The (NY) Times: Newspaper, Publishing House Readying iTablet Apps?

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For a device that still has one foot in the vaporware camp, the Apple Tablet sure has a lot of people who want to be part of it.  The latest folks to jump on Uncle Steve's bandwagon are the NY Times newspaper and Cond√© Nast Publications, who are said to be joining HarperCollins in readying apps and content. 

The Times (who you'll recall featured prominently in those initial iPhone ads) are supposedly ensconced at Cupertino, porting their iPhone app to a larger-screen, video-centric device.  Cond√© Nast recently announced an iDevice version of their men's magazine GQ — and as a by the bye, added it was developing content for "the anticipated tablet from Apple."

The attraction the iTablet has to print houses is obvious.  E-book sales, while still a fraction of the total book market, are growing, while physical book revenues are stagnant.  The Kindle has proven that basic e-book sales at a US$9.99 price point is publicly acceptable; the thought (and hope) is that when paired with a large-screen, connected Apple device, e-books with enhanced content such as embedded multimedia will command a similarly market-ready premium price.

[Via the LA Times]

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