Slidescreen Puts The Info You Need On Your Android Phone’s Home Page

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Who wants to stare at a smartphone homepage that's nothing but a grid of icons and widgets?  Wouldn't the underlying data within the apps be more relevant?

SlideScreen thinks so.  That's why their Android homepage replacement app aggregates all your incoming/current info — messages, Tweets, appointments, stock prices, etc. — into color-coded sections on the screen, with a central "slider" that both highlights an underlying section in detail and, with a tap, launches the appropriate app.  For those having trouble with the concept, check out the following demo video:

While still a work in progress (for example, it doesn't interface with Google Apps — yet — and the Twitter reader is pretty spartan), SlideScreen's speed of operation and elegantly non-standard approach to apps and data may be incentive enough for Android loyalists to give it a try.  Want more incentive?  You can chose between a free, advertisement-supported version, or cough up a modest US$7.00 to skip the ads.

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