Some iDevice (iPhone & iPod Touch) New Year’s Resolutions You Should Consider Making

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Happy New Year, iDevice owner!  Bet you got a lot of productivity and/or entertainment out of your iPhone/iPod Touch in 2009, but that's not to say there isn't room for improvement.  We here at have come out of our champagne comas enough to humbly suggest some "iGoals" for Twenty-Ten.

1. Make your iPhone more secure against both theft and accidental loss.  We're not just talking about common-sense steps like recording your phone's IMEI & serial numbers or turning on Auto-Lock, but also functionality to both locate a missing phone and preventing it from being swiped in the first place (via third-party apps like Gadget Track and Phone Scream).  Check out our full list of security tips in How to Build a Theft-Proof iPhone.

2. Don't just settle for the order in which apps are installed on your device.  Start practicing better organization of your apps, both on-phone and within iTunes (even though it's currently clumsy at best).  In fact, this may also be the year you resolve to jailbreak your iPhone, as app arrangement is currently slim to non-existent without resorting to non-sanctioned apps — and any time you update or restore your phone, it's back to the original on-screen clutter.  Again, look at our article on app organization and see if it inspires you.

3. The reason many of us buy ANY smart phone — be it the iPhone, a Crackberry, a Pre, what have you — is to help organize our lives: what we have to do, when we have to do it, and who we have to do it with (or to!).  This year alone, we've showcased third party to-do lists, productivity aids for students, even a free multipurpose note app.  There's no reason the productivity of a Blackberry can't reside within the cool/fun form factor of an iPhone.

4. Battery life.  How can we say this diplomatically?  Screw it — it sucksBack in July, we listed a variety of methods — both realistic (external batteries, car chargers) and grossly impractical (turning off push/Wi-Fi/3G!) — to squeeze every last milliampere out of that power cell.  Look it over and find some common-sense tricks that work for you.

5. As good as the iPhone is, there's still room for improvement — and a plethora of third-party apps that address current iPhone deficiencies, whether they be battery life (see resolution 4), lack of camera flash/zoom, Wi-Fi location, or overall system status.  We wrapped up '09 by listing the 19 best utility apps we could find

We'll check in with you in 2011 and see how far you got on the list…

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