Stick It In Your Ear: Crazy Earbuds Features Swords, Sushi, And Fresh Fruit

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Inspired, perhaps, by Steve Martin's arrow-through-the-head schtick, Japan's Solid Alliance store offers the Crazy Earphone collection of phone/media player earbuds.  Tired of those omnipresent Christmas carols?  Show your displeasure (and at the same time, drown them out with the music of your choice!) with the Katana (samurai sword) set.  Cat lover?  Let some cute cat paws pump "Stray Cat Strut" directly to your cerebral cortex.  Hungry?  Try the sushi or banana earbuds.  (The latter reminds us of the old burlesque-comedian joke "I said, 'YOU HAVE A BANANA IN YOUR EAR!'"  "You'll have to speak up, I have a banana in my ear!")  Each set will run you about US$22.

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