Tablet, Schmablet: iPhone Still Printing Money For Apple

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Hey, everyone, remember the iPhone? Y'know, the greatest-thing-since-sliced-bread Apple gizmo that seems to have been forgotten in the wake of THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT THIS WEDNESDAY?!?

Well, believe it or not, plenty of people haven't forgotten about it.  Plenty of people.

The House of Jobs posted sales numbers for the final quarter of '09, and — whattaya know? — the iPhone continues to rake in the long green for Apple.  A whopping (and record-breaking) net income of US$3.4 beellion, up 50% from the previous year.  Gross income?  Oh, that was only up 32% in the same period — up to US$15.7 billion.

iPhone-specific sales doubled in '09. (8.7 million iPhones in the last quarter.  Smassssssh.  Another record broken.)  Blame it on the Chinese: they got their hands on iPhones around the same time.  Mac sales, in the meanwhile, said a big FU to a weak economy — and its own high retail price — by selling 3.4 million from October to December.

While some analysts fear the iPhone will hit a saturation/sales-slump wall, a la the original iPod, others are optimistic that the eventual end of the AT&T exclusivity contract will bring in new iPhone customers. 

Now we can go back to theorizing about Wednesday's announcement…


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