Tech Court: Nokia Files Third Lawsuit Against Apple In A Month

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To paraphrase "Stone Cold" Steve Austin: if you wanna see the world's largest cell phone manufacturer open up a can of whoop-ass on the House of Jobs, gimme a "hell, yeah!"

Since this past October, Nokia has lodged not one, but three patent-infringement complaints against Apple.  The first suit claimed that Apple ripped off tech patents related to GSM, UMTS, and WiFi. Last week, they took their fight to the International Trade Commission, alleging that "virtually all" of Apple's products infringe one of seven patents covering user interfaces, cameras, antennas, and power management.

Today Nokia kicked it up a notch with the ITC, adding claims of Apple infringing several "implementation patents" that cover everything from camera sensors to touchscreens.  They also requested the commission to ban imports of basically every Apple mobile product from the MacBook to the iPhone.

Apple has already responded with one countersuit a month ago, claiming that Nokia's patents aren't actually essential to GSM / UMTS,  are invalid and / or unenforceable anyway, plus Nokia wanted unreasonable license terms for the patents.

Get the feeling it's going to take more than a verbal rebuke from Judge Judy to settle this?

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