That’s Handy, Man! Build This $2 Dashboard Device Holder

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We're big fans of the DIY ethos when it comes to our beloved iPhone: check out our past articles on desk stands made out of paper and even paper clips. (Not to mention the guy who wired a Palm Pre's Touchstone charger into his BMW.)

So our ears perked up when we read how someone on the Instructables site — upset that California law won't let him stick a suction-cup bracket on his windshield, and unable to find a stock dashboard mount that would fit his Scion XB — lashed one together from some PVC pipe and connectors, styrofoam, and plastic-coated wire.  Total cost: US$2.00.  And since it's not device- or even manufacturer-specific, you can adapt it to hold anything from a GPS unit to a Nexus One to a (gasp!) Zune.

Two bucks.  Take that, Tom Tom, and your US$120.00 mounting bracket!

(Note: Instructables has the steps broken up over seven pages.  If you want the entire process on one page — or to download it in .PDF form — you'll have to pay to subscribe…)

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