The Blur Pics Project: Hipstamatic Brings Plastic-Camera Fun To The iPhone

If the word "Lomography" brings a smile to your face, then the Hipstamatic app is for you.  It emulates the quirky Russian-made Lomo "toy camera" line, whose plastic lenses and less-than-light-tight bodies produce photos with blurring, light leaks, weird/smeared colors, and unexpected vignetting.  Photo purists may roll their eyes in despair, but the Lomography crowd adores the unpredictable results of their cameras. 

And now Hipstamatic brings that same low-tech look to your iPhone's camera.  The basic US$1.99 app comes with two lens and film choices, each with their own distinct characteristics.  Expansion packs can be purchased from within the app for US$0.99 each; they include additional lenses, film stocks, and in some cases flashes (e.g. a flash with three different color filter options).  The resulting pictures can be emailed or uploaded directly to Facebook.

Even as the Lomo cameras' medium-format film becomes harder and less convenient to buy and process, digital solutions like the Hipstamatic (not to mention Photoshop plug-ins that will Lomo-tize any digital image) keep the Lomo's accidentally-on-purpose aesthetic alive.  If you're a photographer who's convinced sharp focus and accurate colors are overrated, Hipstamatic may be the low-tech tonic your pictures need.

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