The iSmashPhone tablet quiz – consider the next hour taken care of…

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In the wonderful world of speculation, you don’t get more last-minute or interactive than iSmashPhone Рthat’s why you all love us. So, in the spirit of nervous excitement we’ve put together a multiple choice quiz about the Apple tablet, iSlate, iPad, or whatever Apple ends up calling its 'latest creation'.

The idea is that, instead of biting your fingernails down to the bone over the next hour, you can amuse yourself by filling out our Apple tablet quiz and then checking how prescient you were after Apple has ponied up the information we are all waiting for.

And where will you get that information? Right here of course, on our live-blog of the Apple event which will be going live any minute, with updates following every few seconds throughout the next few hours.

Right, now we need to go and do some last-minute Steve Jobs-esque primal scream therapy to calm down before the curtains come up…

Download Quiz file here.

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