The Name Blame Game: Why “iPad” Name Sucks

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Raise your hand if you honestly thought Apple was gonna call the new toy "iTablet" or "iSlate." 

Yeah, us too.  Here are some reasons why we think "iPad" as a device name bites the big one:

  • * It's waaaay too close to "iPod."  Even though that's exactly what the tablet turned out to be: an iPod on 'roids.
  • * As you can see from the above Twitter trending screencap, it's already inspiring insulting puns.  (One iSmashPhone reader joked, a bit more accurately, that the 64 GB version should be called the "Maxi-Pad;" another wondered if OS updates would be referred to as "iPatches.")
  • * It's arrogant.  A full week ago, we wrote the story that Apple doesn't own the US trademark for the term "iPad" — Fujitsu does, and has already assigned it to a handheld inventory-tracking device.  Now, Apple has been planning (for some time, we might add) to mount a legal challenge to Fujitsu's trademark, claiming there's too narrow a gap between "iPod" and "iPad."  Meanwhile, the House of Jobs has basically performed a public hijacking of another company's existing trademark.  The lawyers are gonna have a mondo healthy bonus this year, you betcha.

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