Unroll It: iDrag Paper FREE

How some free iPhone applications get to the top of the iTunes' App Store download lists is a cosmic mystery on par with the existence of dark matter and the the manor in which the human brain achieves cognitive consciousness.  Who are these people that download these applications in masse?  Do they download them because they are already so popular, or do they get popular because everyone loves them?  How fast can you unroll a roll of toilet paper on your touch screen?  Some mysteries are better left unsolved.

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iDrag Paper Free is, as it sounds, a free iPhone application where you quickly try to drag a roll of toilet paper off of its cardboard center.  As you paw at the toilet paper a stop clock counts up your total time.  The goal, if you can call it that, is to get things done in as quick as possible.  What else does this game have in store?  Absolutely nothing.  But really, what else would you want out of this premise?

You do have the ability to look at you top times, which is great since I am positive that most people are just dying to beat their last clock.  There is, of course, an option to share these results with your other friends on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.  This is the last bastion for iPhone applications and games that have almost nothing to offer.

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This may seem ridiculous, and yet it is clocking in as one of the top free iPhone applications at the iTunes' App Store.  This must mean that there is more to iDrag Paper Free than meets the eye, or that iPhone users are an easily led bunch.

The interface for iDrag Paper Free is actually fairly easy to use, and is relatively responsive to the touch.  this is about as much as anyone can say for a toilet paper simulator.  At least it doesn't jam up, but that may even be a little more fun.

Over all iDrag Paper Free is not completely devoid of amusement, but it quickly ramps down after the first ten seconds or so.  You can keep challenging yourself if you must, but with the thousands of free iPhone games that are available it really begs the question as to why you would waste any time with it.  The clock in iDrag Paper Free might as well be counting down the seconds of your life.  They are almost over.  Don't waste another moment on toilet paper. 

Two out of ten stars.

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