Videosyncracy: New Apple Patent Hints At iPod Touch Video

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It looks like the iPod Touch may be going "nyah, nyah" at its baby brother Nano.

One day after the (yawn) big iPad reveal, the House of Jobs filed with the US Patent Office; based on the above diagram, the patent itself hints that the iPod Touch will be gaining video camera capabilities.  (You might recall, the last big Apple product debut in Frisco gave us the video-capable iPod Nano's, which left plenty of pundits scratching their heads and wondering "hey, why's the middle child having all the fun?")

Not surprisingly, the filing details sticking a camera lens/sensor on the back of the iPod while using the screen as your viewfinder.  (So much for handheld videoconferencing, if you're into that kind of thing…)  In addition to actually PUTTING a camcorder in the iTouch, the patent deals with finger-swipery stuff like focus control, zooming/framing, and exposure metering.

There were several other patent filings (including one referring to iPods getting LED backlighting), but this is the biggie.  And where the iPod Touch goes, can the iPad be far behind?

[Via Patently Apple]

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