Apple Poised For iTunes’ Ten BEELLIONTH Song Sale Today

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By all estimates, today some music-hungry doofus is going to be the person to download the ten billionth song from iTunes.  That's 50% more songs than there are people on Planet Earth.  Unless you're Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, how do you wrap your head around a figure that big?

Use the graphic above: that's ten billion pennies (10,000,023,552 to be exact) on a football field in schoolbus-sized stacks (50 of 'em).  205 feet long, 90 feet wide, 11 feet high, over 31,000 tons in weight.  Stack 'em one on top of another, they'd go 9,800 miles up; spread out, we're talking just under 900 acres of copper coinage.

Any way you count it, that's a &$%#load of pennies.  Or songs.  And if it seems sometimes that Uncle Steve acts like he's the Emperor of the Known Universe, these numbers suggest that he just might be…

[Penny statistics courtesy The Megapenny Project]


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