Bar Tab: The $1K iPhone App For Law Students

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If you're a law student studying for your bar exam, BarBri's classes have been pretty much the only game in town, but its high entrance and re-test fees — and accusations of monopolistic practices — have left a sour taste in many an aspiring lawyer's mouth.  And while they offer a free iPhone app, it's useless unless you've enrolled in their course.

Now BarMax brings a true, useful bar-exam-prep experience to the iPhone.  The app, designed with the input of Harvard lawyers, contains 2 months of lectures, a calendar and task list, unlimited personal attention/support from BarMax, flash cards, an actual MBE, etc., as well as over thirteen hundred previous MBE questions and 100 previous essay exams.  (That's a hefty 1GB download, by the bye, so grease up that broadband connection…)  Right now, only California law is supported, but the company plans to add New York and five other top states by the end of 2010.

While BarMax's US$999.99 price tag may give the average Joe sticker shock and/or bring back bad memories of the "I Am Rich" scam app (and yes, it's now officially the most expensive program in the App Store), BarMax is actually a bargain compared to BarBri's US$3-4000 fee (not including retests).  BarMax also offers a free trial version to evaluate the courseware before you plunk down your grand.  They'll even offer to ship you an iPod Touch to run the software if you don't have an iPhone.

Of course, the only downside to all this is…more lawyers.  [Rimshot…]

[Via TechCrunch]

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