Battery Babes: HyperMac’s iPod Batteries Plus Supermodels Equals Ka-Ching!

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A toast, if you will, to the very first snake-oil salesman who realized that parking a pretty young lady next to your wares would boost sales.  (Don't believe me?  You obviously missed the Super Bowl, in which Megan Fox shilled the new MotoBlur phone — while taking a bubble bath.  And yeah, that whirring sound you might have heard was two million Tivo's being rewound at the same time…)

So God bless HyperShop, who realized that their new HyperMac Nano line of external iPhone/iPod batteries — despite coming in a Skittles rainbow assortment of colors and featuring a nifty built-in charging cable — still needed a little, shall we say, eye candy to help promote it.  Hence the banner up top.  (Not into blondes?  Check out their photo gallery, with a hot model styled to match every single battery they're cradling.)

The Nano's normally retail for US$69.95, but order now and save twenty bucks.  Models, needless to say, not included.

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