Dis-Location and Ban-Droids: What’s Apple Suppressing This Week?

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With all the time and energy spent on the recent iPad launch, the House of Jobs still has time for complete and utter randomness when it comes to regulating what goes into the App Store.

A recent App Store Tip warned developers that submitted apps which "use location-based information primarily to enable mobile
advertisers to deliver targeted ads based on a user's location" are likely to get the old heave-ho (Keep in mind that applies to non-location type apps only.  i.e. Yelp is fine, Free Game is not).  What's NOT mentioned is that Apple themselves are plunging headfirst into the location-based ad-targeting biz; after trying unsuccessfully to gobble up AdMob (Google beat 'em to it), they quietly settled on another mobile ad company (Quattro).  Many developers depend on embedded ad code to help amortize the cost of creating a program, as well as being able to offer it for little to no money.  The logical conclusion here is that Apple wants to control (and profit from) the adverts that appear on their devices, as well as customizing the ad experience based on where you are.

But base avarice alone can't explain this next tidbit: App developer Flash of Genius received a nastygram from Apple's legal beagles, insisting that they removed the phrase ‚ÄúFinalist in Google‚Äôs Android Developer‚Äôs Challenge!‚Äù from the App Store description.  Huffed Apple, "Providing future platform compatibility plans or other general platform
references are not relevant in the context of the iPhone App Store."
  Regardless of the fact that the phrase had reportedly boosted FoG's sales of the app, they reluctantly removed the offending verbiage.

And you wonder why Google wants to put a Nexus One in service on every cell network in the US of A

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