DRM Yankees: iBook Titles Getting Digital Chastity Belts

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If you cheered when iTunes phased out the FairPlay digital-rights management software on its music sales a year ago — get ready to start booing.  Apple is reported to be firing up the system again for the upcoming iBook store.  That's where you'll be able to purchase Kindle-style e-book content for your shiny new iPad.  (FairPlay, by the way, is still in use on some non-music iTunes content.)

No word on which, if any, participating publishers will be wrapping their e-books in the DRM code, but it's a fair bet that tech-book house O'Reilly — long an outspoken advocate of DRM-hurts-sales — won't be one of them, should they sign on with iBooks.

Anybody got the Clash song (Workin' For The) Clampdown running through their heads right about now?

(Oh, and if you haven't figured out the joke behind the picture: it's reality-TV mook and occasional pro-wrestling personality Johnny Fairplay.  Who is just as annoying as the similarly-named DRM software.)

[Via the LA Times]

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