Flash Trash-Talkin’: Uncle Steve Unloads To WSJ

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Steve Jobs doesn't like Adobe Flash.  In other news, Abraham Lincoln is still dead.

Stating the obvious not withstanding, Jobs — only days after the iPad premiere in San Francisco — walked into the offices of the Wall Street Journal and did everything in his power to convince the paper to dump Flash support from their online presence in order to get onto the iPad.

As in his recent Town Hall meeting, Uncle Steve blasted Flash for its alleged bugginess and habit of crashing Macintoshes, then went on to denigrate Flash as a "CPU hog," a source of "security holes" — even a dying technology, similar to floppy drives, old data ports, and other features Jobs successfully dumped from Apple products. 

Jobs went on to claim that the processing power needed to decode and view Flash-based videos would suck the iPad's battery dry — neglecting to mention that ANY long-term video viewing is a power drain.  He also insisted that converting videos and animations to the h.284 video standard would be "trivial" — while failing to point out that, unlike Flash, h.264 is NOT an environment for creating animations and interactive graphics quickly and easily.  (Which is the reason why most of the shows on Adult Swim are being animated in Flash, BTW…)

Whatever Kool-Aid Uncle Steve was serving up that day, not everyone at the WSJ was drinking; days later, editorial board member Holman Jenkins blasted Jobs in an op-ed piece comparing Apple to Microsoft, and accused them of "[being] in danger of becoming preoccupied with zero-sum maneuvering versus hated rivals."

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