Flash-Free Film Fare: Hulu Videos May Come To The iPad Yet

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Of all the negative buzz surrounding the iPad's release, some of the most vituperative came from Flash enthusiasts (with Adobe, natch, leading the charge) pissed that Uncle Steve's new toy — like all Macinstuff — was shut out from huge swaths of games, viral videos, and other Web content.

Surprisingly, Hulu — second only to the mighty YouTube in online video streaming — did not chime in with the chorus of naysayers.  According to industry-insider whispers, Hulu is looking for ways to make their content iPad-friendly.  (For the record, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar recently pussyfooted around the issue, although he is admittedly a big fan of mobile media viewing.)

The secret?  Hulu's actual video content is already in the H.264 standard — which Apple in general, and the iPad in particular, can digest just fine — while their playback software is all Flash-based.  So rather than converting their gazillion terabytes of movies, TV shows, and hilarious "we're an alien plot" commercials to a new format, all they need to do is cruft together a viewing module that's similarly iPad-friendly.  The main stumbling block here is that not only would the distinctive Hulu playback interface have to be rebuilt in HTML-5, but all the existing Flash-based advertisements, ad overlays, business logic, and underlying analytics would have to be recoded in Javascript.

So it wouldn't be an overnight fix to create an "iHulu" — but it's doable.  The more practical question is: unless the iPad is poised to become a major player in the portable-device market, is it worth Hulu's time and effort to become iPad friendly?

Sounds like a job for those pesky brain-slurping aliens who work there…

[Via TechCrunch]

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