Hot Pocket: How To Make The iPad Truly Portable

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Betcha wondered how Stephen Colbert got that iPad to fit in his pants at the Grammies.

So did the Oh!No!Doom Collective.  The quirky Chicago-based design team concluded that only pants with a "big-ass pocket" would do the trick.

And yes, they're quick to point out it's all in fun:

At this time it's simply a concept with an amusing message,
focusing on a product created by a company whom we respect
to the utmost.

We currently have no plans to be producing the iBap apparel
line for any market. Our intention was to bring the idea to life
and send a message about the future of mobile devices and
its portability by combining fashion with fun[c]tion… humourously.

We hope you enjoy the concept, stay tuned for the newest
product idea for the bigasspocket… a bigasswallet! <3

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