iContent: Wired Confirms It Will Be Available On The iPad

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In a truly logical marriage of form and content, Wired magazine just announced that it will be a content provider for the iPad.

Wired Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson, speaking at the Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) conference in Long Beach, CA, used an oversized iPad display tool to preview the magazine's electronic content, which is scheduled to be available beginning this summer.  Calling the iPad a "game changer," Anderson said the digital version of the magazine (being demo'd above by design partner Jeremy Clark from Adobe, above) will have all the values and artistic range of the hardcopy version, thanks to the iPad's generous screen size.  The electronic version also has the advantage of clickable links within the stories and advertisements.

No subscription prices have been announced, but when you consider that international readers pay a whopping US$70.00 per year for the printed version of Wired, a digital version at even half of that would be a bargain.

When the iPad was first demoed, a major complaint was that it seemed (aside from the NY TIMES) that no content providers had signed on; hardware without software is pretty much useless.  Hopefully, more periodicals will be inspired by Wired's approach and take a crack at iPad versions of their printed output.

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