iGot Game: Coders Abandoning DS, PSP In Favor Of iPhone

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Game Developer Research just released their "State of Game Development" survey, and if you're not willing to pony up the US$2,495.00 to download a digital copy (you're not seeing things: two and half grand for a Word document!), here are a few salient points:

  • 25% of all games are being made for the handheld market.  That number, by the bye, was half that prior to the introduction of the iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • During the last three quarters of '09, every game developer is writing iDevice games.
  • 19% of those game developers are coding just for iPhones/iTouches — more than double the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP coders.

It doesn't hurt that the iDevices are (a) wildly popular, (b) multi-capability devices that offer phone/Internet/media/messaging/app capabilities the game-only units lack, and (c) have a one-stop, easy-buy storefront in iTunes/the App Store.  Developers can often charge less for their games and still make a profit, while knowing their games won't be resold at Game Stop.  Plus Apple has made it easy for developers to port existing games to the iPhone OS while taking advantage of touch-screen capabilities.

Not a bad turn of events for a smartphone that very nearly didn't even see the light of day

[Via Electronista]

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