I’m An iPad, And Windows 7 Was My Idea!

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When the iPad actually ships in March, it'll come with a feature no one even hinted at during the big debut: the ability to run Windows 7.

So is the A4 CPU really a Wintel chip in disguise?  Nope.  Thanks to Citrix, companies that have already implemented XenDesktop or XenApp will, in the words of Citrix Vice President Chris Fleck, "be able to use your iPad for real work as well."  (Any sarcasm, intended or unintentional, in that statement has not been comfirmed.)

Writing in the company blog, Fleck continued, "It turns out the 9.7 inch display on the iPad with a 1024×768 screen
resolution works great for a full VDI XenDesktop. Windows applications
run unmodified and securely in the data center, and even multiple
applications at once…The iPhone restrictions of screen size and small keyboards are overcome
with the iPad. The iPad looks to be an ideal end-point device that can
empower users to be productive wherever they are and IT will be able to
safely deliver company-hosted virtual desktops and apps without worry."

[Via PC World]

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