iTunes Now Launches Browser Previews Of Music, App Listings

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In a rare (for them) zero-fanfare move, Apple has now modified iTunes so that clicking on a music/video/app link will not only launch the iTunes program itself — it also launches a browser-based preview window (for example).  The preview displays the app logo (or cover art), price, description, screenshots, rating, reviews, etc.  Music links include preview files, another recent (and under-the-table) enhancement. 

We at have never been fans of the iTunes software; it's a big ol' kludge that sticks out like a sore thumb within the Apple design aesthetic, and its insistence on being cemented to one computer harks back to the bad old days of Lotus 1-2-3 copy protection.  Still, we can't deny its one-click shopping model has been a trailblazer for online commerce.  Without iTunes, the success of the iPhone App Store would never have happened.

The question now remains: will this Web-preview add-on to iTunes remain just that, or will we eventually see iTunes migrate to a full-blown web/cloud implementation?

[Via TechCrunch]

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