New Security Flaw Found In iPhone

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What is this we hear? The Jesus Phone isn’t perfect and might actually be flawed? It seems like hackers are having a field day over a security glitch by Apple which allows them to play with iPhone‚Äôs proxy settings, redirect internet traffic to a malicious site and even disable Safari, Mail and other iPhone apps. If this didn’t give your heart palpations, then the fact that you need to do a full wipe to get rid of it, will surely do!

The problem is the setting, which allows configuration files to be installed over-the-air through Safari. Hackers can take advantage of this, as they can make their configuration file report back as ‚ÄúVerified‚Äù and even fool you in thinking its from Apple itself! Tricky buggers aren’t they?

So what do you do? Well, just stay away  from something which looks like the screenshot above!

Image courtesy Mobile Crunch

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