RedSn0w 0.9 Released: How To Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 3.1.2 with RedSn0W

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You know whats is more exciting than Apple updating the iPhone OS? Hundreds of enterprising hackers thronging to jailbreak the darn thing.Thanks to the legendary skills of the iPhone Dev Team, you can now jailbreak your iPhone 2G, 3G or 3GS that are running on the  3.1.2 OS. Just familiarize yourself with redsn0w ( a multi-platform jailbreak and unlock tool ) and follow the below instruction to the T.

  1. The first step in your noble quest to jailbreak 3.1.2 OS requires downloading  RedSn0w 0.9 for Mac or PC , in addition to the  3.1.2 firmware. For this point your mouse here.
  2. Next step involves you downloading the latest version of iTunes, so that you can restore your iPhone to firmware 3.1.2. Updating can sometimes cause bugs so restoring is always a better option.
  3. After the downloading spree, simply launch RedSn0w and search for the 3.1.2 firmware which is saved on your computer. RedSn0w will check if you have the correct firmware and if that is case, it will patch the file using its mad skills!
  4. If you are on iPhone 2G, you may have to click on options like  ‚ÄúInstall Cydia‚Äù and ‚ÄúUnlock‚Äù and even download bootloaders 3.9 and 4.6 from here
  5. All iPhone users need to select the option “Install Cydia” while the device is plugged into the computer. Now just follow the instructions by RedSnow once you are in the DFU mode and you are now good to go!
  6. Reboot your iPhone and then thank the folks from the iPhone Dev Team for their effort!

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