Size Matters: Is A Bigger iPhone 4G In The Offing?

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From the "Take It With A Football-Sized Grain Of Salt" Department: iResQ, a Midwestern company whose job it is to fixed your busted-ass electronic devices, claim they JUST NOW got in replacement front panels for the next-generation iPhone.  That's it on the right, next to a 3G and 3GS.

The main bragging point seem to be that the panel has "an interesting reflective, mirror-like surface directly above the speaker…likely a spot for the proximity sensor."  That, and it's 1/4 inch longer than its 3G brethren.  (Some of the older farts here at who remember when you could advertise cigarettes on TV flashed back to Chesterfield 101's and their "silly millimeter longer" campaign.)

iResQ was also quick with the following disclaimer: "We are a repair company and it’s in our best interest to get samples of
these new parts as they become available to us. Of course it is
possible that these are not the final design or these are parts for
another product completely, but that is not how they have been
demonstrated to us. If these parts are not for the fourth generation
iPhone, we will obviously not be using them for future repairs when the
new iPhones do come out."

One can almost hear Uncle Steve muttering "Toto, I have a funny feeling our iPhone case is in Kansas…"

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