Skype Goat: Verizon Phones To Add VOIP Software — With Some Conditions

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Notice that Verizon's been playing a lot of "me, too" recently?  Yeah, so did we.  They recently became the second cell carrier (after Sprint) to offer Palm Pre's and Pixies, and in March they'll join AT&T in offering Skype voice-over-IP service.

As is typical with the service, you can't use Skype to save on your phone plan minutes: unlimited free talk/text applies only to other Skype users, while calls to international land lines and mobile phones can be done at a discounted rate.  Even AT&T is permitting domestic Skype-to-phone calls via the "fring" app.

Still, if you're a Verizon die-hard with a ton of Skype contacts and want to access them anywhere you are, the Skype app may be worth a download.  (Current plans are to offer it for most Blackberry models [Curve, Tour, Storm] and Android-based phones like the Moto DROID and HTC Eris.)

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