Sling Out, Sister: SlingPlayer For iPhones Now Supports 3G

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As we reported earlier this month, AT&T has relaxed its policies on 3G access enough that iPhone apps can now hurdle down the data network with impugnity.  Case in point: SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhones & iTouches — once limited to Wi-Fi connectivity — can now access your Slingbox SOLO, PRO, or PRO-HD on either 3G or Wi-Fi.  (Slingbox Classic's, AV's, and TUNER's may require a hardware upgrade.)

The iTunes listing includes some novel uses for the service (monitoring security cameras, anyone?), as well as an amusing 12+ age rating based on the sort of content you might actually view.  (Whatever happened to "don't kill the messenger?")

If's a free upgrade for existing customers, or US$29.95 for first-timers.

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