Ten Billionth iTunes Song Downloader Gets Surprise Phone Call

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Louie Sulcer wasn't expecting to make history this past week.  He just wanted to download Johnny Cash‚Äôs ‚ÄúGuess Things Happen That Way‚Äù and add it to a mix for his son.

Ironically, the way things happened, the Woodstock, Georgia native was the man who downloaded song number TEN BEEELLION from iTunes.

Sulcer's reward?  A US$10,000 iTunes card — and a personal phone call from Steve Jobs.  At first, Sulcer thought it was a prank call, until he realized his caller ID said "Apple."

Even more ironically, Sulcer had recently gotten an iPod Nano as a birthday present.  With ten grand worth of iTunes credit — and a personal collection of nearly 900 songs — it's a good bet he'll be pricing out a 320GB iPod Classic real soon now…

[Via Rolling Stone]

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