Windows Phone 7: Microsoft’s Smartphone Debuts

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Microsoft has just fired a shot across Apple's bow, as their Windows Phone 7 met its public today at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona.  (Note that they carefully didn't brand it "the Zune Phone," although its interface has the look and feel of the Zune HD.)  The official page has a dynamic demo of the phone, but you'll need to have Silverlight installed to view it; is MS taking an Apple-like "oh, Flash isn't good enough for us" stance?

Meanwhile, MSDN's Channel 9 has a lengthy (22 minutes!) hand's-on demo of the phone's capabilities, and Gizmodo brings us clips from the WMC of the WinPhone's interface in action.

The question remains: will MS thrown their lot in with the newly-formed Wholesale Applications Community, or maintain their "Windows for everybody, whether you like it or not" policy?  In any event, the cellphone landscape has just turned into a very interesting horse race — and MicroSoft may have a WinMo-flavored phone that people will actually want.

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