22Moo’s GameBone Gets a New Look

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22Moo's GameBone Pro was announced last year as a controller that could be used for iPhone games. It was literally shaped like a toy dog bone, and failed to receive the attention it needed from the media.

Fast-forward to March 2010, and 22Moo is at it again, with a new render of their iPhone control pad. This time with a much more streamlined device that actually fits your iPhone or iPod Touch into the controller shell. iSmashPhone has already seen creations such as the Zeemote which added new control methods to Blackberry smartphones, but the iPhone seemed to fully rely on its touchscreen to emulate buttons, which aren't always ideal for certain game types. That has changed now, maybe…

The bad news is that developers must create compatibility for the controller. This means that current games will likely not work without an update, and future games will have to be made with the device in mind for it to work. Otherwise, it's just a cute iPhone case with buttons.

The GameBone is currently set for a Q4 2010 release with no exact date mentioned.

The following text is from the manufacturer's website:

22Moo's GameBone is one of the world's first iPad, iPod touch and iPhone compatible 8-way D-pad 6 buttons gamepad to incorporate a 2000mAh battery and Apple's 30-pin dock connector connectivity, built-in speakers, mic and 3.5 audio headphone jack.

The GameBone features :

• Styling to compliment iPod/iPhone with optimized design for ergonomics and comfort
• 2000mAh Lithium-ion Battery for additional power for your iPod touch / iPhone*
• LED showing charging state and capacity
• 8-way D-Pad with 6 buttons
• Built-in Stereo speakers
• Highly sensitive omni directional Mic
• 3.5mm audio headphone jack
• Apple authentication IC + "Made for iPod" and "Works for iPhone" certification**

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