Apple Bans Zits & Giggles Developer From App Store

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Apple has banned the developer of Zits & Giggles from the App Store, but the exact reason remains unknown. 

In some heavily publicized comments made at last week's Game Developer's Conference 2010 (GDC) game developer Tommy Refenes, popular for the upcoming Super Meat Boy, had some strong words to say about Apple's service.

"I absolutely f*****g hate the iPhone App Store," he said during his portion of the Indie Gamemakers Rant. He used words such as "awful" to describe the service and said that the "majority of people who do anything for the App Store work on it and then kind of get screwed over."

He then equated the App Store to the digital, AA-powered LCD games of the late 80s and early 90s by calling the service, "the Tiger handheld game of this generation." He explained that many of the App Store's successful titles are nothing more than scaled-down versions of their console counterparts.


Refenes described a test in which he decided to push the price of his App up in an "experiment…to prove the App Store is kind of s**t for most things."

In the same rant, he mentioned that what had begun as a 99 cent game was soon raised to $15, after which he said three people bought it. As he raised the price again, this time to $50, four people purchased the App. Refenes said that at $299, 14 people paid for the game.

The game is said to have eventually reached a price point of $400 last week, when it was removed, and one person had paid for the App.

According to reports, Refenes has tried to contact Apple for clarification on whether his pricing plan violated the company's terms, or if his GDC comments had anything to do with the banning. Regardless, it's hard to imagine Apple ever stating that an angry rant had anything to do with the game's removal.

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