Beat The Rush: iPad Goes On Sale This Weekend — In Limited Supplies

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As the April 3 store debut of the iPad looms, Apple has posted a new series of "Guided Tour" videos showing you all the whiz-bang things you can do with your shiny new toy.

Uh, you DID pre-order your iPad, right?  And you're gonna walk out of the Apple Store on Saturday with a box in your hand and a big s***-eating grin on your face, right?

Well, maybe you will and maybe you won't.  There's rumors that the House of Jobs completely oversold the pre-sale, and there will be some people who have to wait for their iPad to be built and shipped.

On the other hand, you could go the Black Friday route and unroll your sleeping bag in front of your nearest Best Buy.  Apple has confirmed that "most" of the electronics megastore's outlets will have iPads on hand come 9 AM on Saturday, but in this case "most" means "stores with badged Apple Solutions Consultants (ASC) and 'Apple Shops'" (or roughly 675 Best Buy locations, so make sure you choose…wisely).  Additionally, BB's are rumored to be getting only fifteen iPads for D-Day — five each of the 16, 32, and 64 GB WiFi-only models.

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