Finally, a Fun Way to Lose Weight

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What happens when you can't get your man's lazy butt off the couch? If you're 25-year-old Livvy Thompson of London, England, you create an App.

The Bedometer makes your intimate time a bit more fun, a game, if you will. Think of it as Wii Fit for big kids. You place your iPhone–or iPod Touch–on the bed, and the accelerometer measures just how much sex–um, movement, you create as you rock on the bed.

It can then send your results to Facebook if you so choose (Nothing is sacred in this mobile world, baby!). Thompson's workout buddy, Dan Dinapoli, also 25, "can't get enough of it," says Thompson. She adds that their "initial tests show that a vigorous workout for 15 minutes burns almost 200 calories" for each partner. Doing the math, it would take this writer…roughly 15 times in the sack to get that kind of workout.

For 99 cents, you too can count the calories burned in every romp under the sheets.

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