Idapt i4 Says “You Got It — We’ll Charge It”

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So just in case that EU edict to standardize wall-wart chargers on Mini-USB connectors doesn't go through…

The soon-to-be-unveiled Idapt i4 lets you charge up to four different handheld gizmos, using plug-in connector tips that shoot the juice to anything from iPhones and Blackberries to PSP's, Nintendo DS's, assorted cell phones — heck, one snap-in handles rechargable AA/AAA batteries! 

Normally, Idapt lets you buy the base (in the color you want) and then either select the connectors you need the most, or purchase 6- or 10-connector packs of the top plug-ins.  (F'rinstance, the three-connector Idapt i3 costs 39.95 ‚Ǩ with the a la carte or 6-connector options, 59.95 ‚Ǩ with the 10-pack).  However, the i4 is scheduled to run around US$60 with the 6-tip option.

If nothing else, Idapt's modular approach offers more options than the Powermat, whose wireless induction-charging neatness is offset by the need to buy special batteries or backs for all your gizmos.

[Via Wired]

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