If Your App Says “Me, Too!”, The App Store Will Say “No Way.”

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Your clone sleeps alone.

That's the newest edict from the App Store, who — fresh off their ill-received smutware ban — is now targeting template-generated "cookie cutter" apps that bring nothing new to the table.  After crowing about the quantity of iPhone/iTouch apps you can download, Apple seems to be stepping back a bit and saying "Um, maybe quality is important, too."

Unlike the naughty-app imbroglio, the issue here is easily-created "fritterware:" apps that are basically nothing but RSS feeds or overblown business cards.  The app templates themselves are not being targeted per se, and in fact at least one app-generator company (Appmakr) says it is working with the House of Jobs to add greater value to their product in the form of in-app purchases and instant notifications, among other enhancements.

Still, more than a few developers are growing leery of Apple's about-faces — switching from "Bring us your apps!" to "Don't bring us those kinds of apps" at a moment's notice — and many wonder what the next "those kinds of apps" might be…

[Via TechCrunch]

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