iPad App Testing Indicates Strong Push Toward Gaming

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Flurry Analytics has been following activities of iPad software
developers, and the results show that almost half of the Apps being
tested on the iPad are games.

Weighing in at 44 percent of
all software being tested for the AppStore, games are over three times
more popular than the next biggest category, Entertainment, which comes
in at 14 percent. Next, are Social Networking Apps at 7 percent and
sports follow at 6 percent.

Either software developers
just want to make games on a budget, or they do see the iPad as a major
player in the video game market and are adopting the platform early in.

raises the question of whether the iPad can become a major gaming
platform, especially in the casual market or as a direct competitor
against Nintendo's DS and Sony's PSP. Analysts have estimated that the
iPad sold 120,000 in pre-orders on the first day, but it remains to be
seen how the device will sell once it reaches the hands of consumers.
Though Apple hopes to see success with the iPad, consumers will be the
ultimate judge on the product. If the machine doesn't turn out to be the
smash hit Jobs & Co. are counting on, they still have their money
on the iPhone. However, the added power of the iPad over the iPhone and
iPod Touch may be just what developers were looking for in an Apple
gaming machine. The platform already has at least one confirmed
exclusive in the form of Gameloft's first-person shooter, Nova, which
was shown off in January.

[Via Flurry Analytics]

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