Is the iPhone coming to T-Mobile USA?

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According to a report in the Financial Times, “T-Mobile USA
is hoping to start selling the popular smartphone later this year or next
year.” Now, there have been rumors before stating that this company and that
company might be getting the iPhone in the near future. However, this
particular Financial Times report was quoting statements from Deutsche
Telekom’s CEO and more specifically his thoughts on the future of its American
T-Mobile USA unit.

T-Mobile has been focusing on its Android smartphone. But
the recent statements from Deutsche Telecom’s CEO indicating that T-Mobile
would continue to focus “in the meantime” on the Android, almost seem to imply
that the Android is merely a temporary fix to keep T-Mobile in business and not
the devise that T-Mobile plans to tie its future to.

It is unclear whether the CEO was making any of these
statements on the record or simply commenting on the rumors floating around. If
Apple were going to make a next generation iPhone  for T-Mobile USA the phone,  or at least a version, would have to be AWS compatible.
However, this seems unlikely given that AWS coverage represents such a small
number of the world’s 3G subscribers.

The bottom line is that every CEO of a telecom company would
like to carry the iPhone, so this could simply be another rumor fueling the

Via Financial Times

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