Kitchen Confidential: AllRecipes Cooks Up New iPhone App – iPad’s Also On The Menu

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Buoyed by the success of last year's free app, AllRecipes is taste-testing the paid-app field with their new Dinner Spinner Pro. The US$2.99 app allows users to access the complete recipe library, add recipes directly to personal Recipes Boxes, create interactive shopping lists, and more.

But AllRecipes also recognizes that current e-recipe practices are problematic at best: trying to read a recipe on a smartphone's diminutive screen is a struggle, and dragging a full-sized laptop into a zone where high heat, liquids, and open flames are prevalent is (you'll pardon the pun) a recipe for disaster.

That's why AllRecipes‚Äô president Lisa Sharples believes the iPad could be a "killer" kitchen device: it's large, e-reader-style screen makes recipe downloading and viewing a snap, and (with the correct protective screens and stands) its slim profile would allow it to sit easily out of harm's way.  And once that whole embedded/streaming video issue is resolved, imagine a device that lets you nom along with Nigella Lawson (above).  Or play beat-the-clock with Rachel Ray.  Or season your dishes with Gordon Ramsey-style f-bombs.

Bon appetit!

[Via TechCrunch]

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