Little Strummer Boy: Clamp-On Gizmo Helps You Learn Guitar

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Despite the massive success of the Guitar Hero/Rock Band video-game franchise, there are still plenty of folks out there who want to learn how to play a REAL guitar.  And while you can teach yourself from a book, or even an online system, you're still splitting your attention between the tutorial and your axe.

That seems to be the design philosophy of i-Tab, whose US$199 gizmo clamps onto your guitar's tuning head and gives you a "head's-up" display of scrolling chords, tabs, even lyrics.

The units are scheduled to begin shipping in mid-March, and will hit your local Guitar Center come April.  Personally, instead of dropping two large on this stand-alone device, we'd be more interested in a universal clamp and iPhone/Android-app package.  That would be (you'll pardon the pun) music to OUR ears.

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