Mark Your Calendars: iPad Sales Begin April 3rd, pre-orders beginning on March 12

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It's official: Apple will begin selling iPads on Saturday, April 3rd, with pre-orders beginning on March 12.  Sales will be done through "selected Authorized Retailers."

Note: this is for the basic Wi-Fi model.  The 3G 'Pad is promised for late April, but the House of Jobs doesn't have a date set in concrete yet.  This is also for the USA release: elsewhere in the world, both the Wi-Fi and 3G's have the "late April" disclaimer.  Also, the Wi-Fi pad can be reserved online, and picked up at your nearest mall's Apple Store.

(Speaking of which: feel free to share any stories/photos of store feeding frenzies you might encounter…)

App availability — not to mention how many devices are hitting the retail channels on Day One — are not known at this time.


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