New App Measures iPhone Radiation: Apple, In Turn, Radiates Annoyance

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Yeah, yeah, we all know those cell phones glued to our ears are little microwave ovens beaming their death rays directly into our pineal glands.  And for years, the debate about how dangerous (or not) that might be has raged.

An Israeli app-development startup called Tawkon decided to attack the issue head-on, creating an iPhone app that predicts the amount of radiation your phone is pumping out, based on factors like how far you are from a cell tower, whether you're in standby mode or actually on a call, even what kind of iPhone you own (e.g. the 3GS's improved chipset produce lower radiation levels).

Not surprisingly, the House of Jobs isn't happy that an app exists that'll tell you how big a death ray your telephone is.  So far, they've rejected Tawkon's App Store submissions, on the grounds that a diagnostic tool of this nature would create confusion with iPhone owners from a usability perspective.  Undeterred, Tawkon continues to petition Apple for App Store approval (and a suggested price tag between US$5.00-10.00) while developing Blackberry and Android versions. 

[Via TechCrunch]

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