Printing Money: Why Publishers May Yet Flock To The iPad

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As revenues for print periodicals continue to dry up, publishers are starting to take a long, hard look at the iPad — and are liking what they see.

So far, Time magazine has tapped heavy-hitter advertisers such as Toyota and Fidelity Investments to pony up US$200K for a single ad spot in each of the first eight issues of the magazine's iPad edition.  Meanwhile, Wired and Sports Illustrated are wooing potential advertisers by showcasing the multimedia bells, whistles, and chrome of their e-zine implementations — marrying the tradition of print adverts with embedded games and simulations.

On the flip side, however, the iPad ad platform is still an unproven model, and many periodical-app developers still don't have actual iPads to test their 'zines on, relying instead on the SDK's simulator.  And many of the 'zines are planning to charge close to print-copy subscription prices for their electronic versions.

[Via the Wall Street Journal]

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