Science Gone Too Far! Nexus One Utilized In G-Force Test On…A Lava Lamp?!?

Planning to pack that lava lamp when you board a space ship for the planet Jupiter next year?

That question probably never occured to you, but it did occur to one Neil Fraser.  In order to determine if his psychedelic bedroom accessory would survive the 2.5G gravitational pull of the Solar System's mack-daddy planet, Fraser built a centrifuge in his living room — into which he strapped the lava lamp and a Nexus One phone to measure the G-forces generated, as well as video cameras to record the Nexus' readout and show POV of the spin.

One result that Fraser DID uncover was actually a bug in the Nexus (it under-measured the actual G-forces incurred) which has been since reported to Google.  iSmashPhone, for its part, discovered that science experiments should NEVER be set to music from "Riverdance."  Unless you're experimenting on a pint of draught Guiness stout.

As for the question of who won the "Goo Vs. G's" battle: just watch the damn video already.

[Via Engadget]

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